Friday, July 9, 2010

Twilight rant

I have no desire to see Eclipse, the third chapter in the Twilight series, but I did read the book because I enjoy mocking them so much. Even though this isn't a movie review, I told my friend Cameron that I would post a video review of the book.

Here's a quick recap of the book: For some reason unknown to mankind, both Edward (the vampire) and Jacob (the werewolf) are in love with Bella, the most vapid and stupid girl on the entire universe and while she loves both of them, she loves Ed more, so she choose him but she feels so bad that she hurt Jake's feelings and blah, blah, shut up. Also, there's a bad vampire who wants to kill her and the good vampires and werewolves come together to protect her.


  1. I totally agree -- Twillight is some of the most overrated, overhyped crap in pop culture within the last ten years.

  2. Ha ha, well, I have to admit I read the first two and really liked them. The third one was good, but almost nothing happened. And I stopped reading the fourth one because I found it ridiculous.

    I saw the first film and I thought it was awful, as was Kristin Stewart.