Thursday, May 31, 2012

'Justin' Time

In Time
Director: Andrew Niccol
Cast: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Cillian Murphy
Released: October 28, 2011

This movie has a pretty interesting premise. It takes place in the future and I can't remember if we're ever given an actual year, but according to Wikipedia, it takes place in 2161...which means I will be....dead. I think we all will! In this future, nobody ages past 25, so no matter how old you actually are, everyone looks like they are in their mid-20s. Once you hit your 25th birthday, a digital clock appears on your forearm where you have one year to accumulate as much time as you can and once that time runs out, you drop dead. Time is used as money in this future. A coffee costs 4 minutes. A nice car costs 50 years. A person can live millions of years if they have accumulated that much time. Obviously the more time you have accumulated, the more affluent you are. There are time banks and people are allowed to give other people time.

Justin Timberlake plays Will, who is 28 years old (what's the point of asking people's ages if everyone looks the same age? You wouldn't know if somebody was 25 or 125 because they would both look the same age!) He always manages to at least have a day's worth of time every day and tries to manage it as best as he can. His mom is played by Olivia Wilde (fun fact: she is younger than JT in real life) who has just turned 50 which is pretty remarkable somebody who isn't that prosperous lasted that long.

One night, Will meets the best-looking 105 year old played by Matt Bomer. He has over a century accumulated  and he asks Will if he had all time in the world, what would he do with it and Will responds with something profound. The old man in a young man's body transfers his time to Will while Will is sleeping and dies, so now Will finds himself with 116 years worth of time. Will knows he has to keep this a secret and he only tells his best friend who he gives ten years to.

Meanwhile, Will is suppose to meet his mother at the bus station after she comes home from work. The bus, which usually costs an hour to ride, has now gone up to two hours and Will's mom only has an hour and a half. She has to run the rest of the way and when Will realizes what has happened, he starts running to see if he can find her, and in dramatic effect just as they reach each other, her time has run out...literally.

With his new wealth, Will decides to cross the "time zones" (each one you pass, you have to pay a toll -  the more affluent neighborhood you enter, the more you have to pay). There he goes to New Greenwich where all the rich people. There he meets an extremely rich man who has eons of years available to him. There's an amusing scene where he introduces Will to his daughter, wife, and mother, and of course they're all attractive 25 year olds!

Amanda Seyfriend plays Sylvia, Will's love interest, and she has to wear this HORRIBLE red wig with blunt bangs. Ugh, it looks horrible on her. I guess it does give her a futuristic look, but she is so much prettier with her natural curly blonde hair.

There's bad guys after Will because they found out he has a lot of time and they escape back to Will's grounds. The movie turns a bit into Bonnie and Clyde and Robin Hood when Will and Sylvia start holding up banks and stealing time capsules from banks and gives them to the "poor". There's this really stupid scene towards the end of the movie where both Will and Sylvia is running low on time and they both see a source to get more time and are running to it. Sylvia is wearing these five inch high heels. Uh....take off your shoes, you idiot! I was impressed she could actually run in those shoes, but she could probably go a little faster if she wasn't wearing them.

I liked the movie; I found it interesting. I wouldn't mind a sequel. It would be cool to look like you were 25 forever, (you could lie about your age all the time!) but I wouldn't want to depend on my time as money.

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