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Season 5 of Beverly Hills, 90210

I recently finished watching season five of the show named after everyone's favorite ZIP code. Here we go:

Kelly - Kelly's mom lands a deal for Kelly and gets her on the cover of 17. Okay, I'm sorry, but there is no way they would ever put a no name on the cover of 17 (I guess they did that with a few of the winners of ANTM but they were the lowest ever selling issues!), no matter how pretty she was. Kelly is a pretty girl, but she's not like model beautiful or anything. Right before the magazine cover comes out, Kelly is at a party where the fire code is being abused and because of that, a fire breaks out and Kelly and another girl (who happens to be a lesbian who will later tell Kelly she has feelings for her) get trapped in the basement and Kelly's back and neck get scarred and she has to wear bandages for a long time...much longer than the time Andrea was hit by a car and was in a bodycast. Because of what happened to her, Kelly gets involved in a little cult that's run by a creepy professor in a wheelchair and breaks up with Brandon because that's what he told her to do. Brandon and Dylan find a guy who used to be involved in the same cult before he got out and they have him talk some sense into Kelly. 

Remember how season 3 was all about Dylan having to choose between Brenda and Kelly? Well, this season towards the end was all about Kelly having to choose between Dylan and Brandon. Dylan, realizing his feelings for Kelly and believing they are "soul mates" invites Kelly on a trip around the world and Brandon proposes to her. Kelly denies both, instead declaring, "I choose me!" 

Andrea - Andrea and Jesse (who is now a regular because the guy who plays him is featured in the credits which he really shouldn't be...) are having marital problems. They can't agree on anything and are always fighting. While at the laundermat with Hannah (her daughter) she meets a med student named Peter who thinks Andrea is a baby-sitter. They exchange numbers, but Andrea, feeling guilty, throws it away. She meets Peter again at the laundermat and he gives his number to her again. She never calls him, but when Hannah is sick and she and Jesse have to rush her to the hospital, guess who is their doctor? That's right...Peter! Andrea finds out that Peter himself is married and the four of them end up on a double date with Peter flirting with Andrea right in front of Jesse and his wife....awkward! Andrea gets a job at the hospital and she and Peter start making out like it's Grey's Anatomy and they get a hotel and start having an affair. Dylan discovers this and tells Andrea that he knows. In the end, we find out that Jesse had cheated on Andrea and Andrea tells him that she cheated on him...and they end up staying together. They move and Andrea will no longer be part of the show....which I don't really care. Her character really sucked once she went to college...she was never around any of the original members. 

Steve - The one big storyline for Steve is when he has to do community service after the fire started at the frat party he was in charge of. He volunteers at a senior citizen home and meets Milton Berle who plays a guy named Saul who has severe Alzheimer's. At first everything is fine, but when Steve takes him to the Peach Pit to meets his friends, he keeps forgetting things and says the same joke over and over. Oh, and I think that was actually from the fourth season's season finale, but I forgot to mention it then, but Steve sees this hot chick and picks her up, only to find out it's a dude....oh Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve! Luckily only Brandon knows about that...

Valerie - After Shannen Dorherty left the show, Tiffani Amber Thiesen came aboard the show as Valerie Malone, a childhood friend of Brenda's who grew up in Minnesota, but had been living in Buffalo and was going to stay with the Walshes because her dad had committed suicide (but I know that's not exactly what happened because I accidently came upon some spoilers). Why she's moving all the way across the country with a family she hasn't seen in forever, I have no idea. At first, Valerie comes off as sweet and innocent, but we learn that she likes to smoke pot and sleep with Brenda's ex-boyfriend! She also sleeps with Ray. I can't remember is she slept with Steve, but she went out with him many times. Valerie helps Dylan get his money back when he finds out that the couple who stole his money last season are in Mexico.

Brandon - Brandon is running for Student Body President and of course since he is Mr. All-American, he wins. His running mate is Josh, a student who writes for the college paper and hated Brandon last year, but now they are all buddy-buddy. They were at the Peach Pit the night of the election and mere minutes before the ballots are to be tallied, Josh decides to go somewhere and just as he is pulling out of the parking lot, his little car is smashed by a huge semi and goes up in flames. I won't lie when I say that made me laugh. The whole thing was just so ridiculous and contrived. Oh, and speaking of the Peach Pit, it annoys me because during the first three season they used the FRONT DOOR to get in (like any normal person would do), but starting in the fourth season everyone enters through the back door and goes through the kitchen. What the huh? That just bugs me so much. 

Brandon is getting into all kinds of social controversy being student body president. In one episode, Brandon finds himself in a bit of a pickle when CU's chancellor (Clare Arnold's dad) invites his friend, a dignitary from the made up country Selanesia (I would love to see a list of made up countries from other TV shows and movies! They could teach a brand new geography class just based on that!) Protestors/human right activists are not happy because this man is the reason so many people in his country have been murdered/treated horribly. Clare tells Brandon that none of this is true, but it just so happens the school's janitor is from that country and showed Brandon his scars to prove bad things were done to him. Brandon has to decide between pleasing the chancellor or doing what he think is the right thing to do. And in another episode, an orator who is known to have said anti-semetic sentiments is scheduled to speak to the school, Jewish students, including Andrea, protest. 

And if you thought you saw the last of Emily Valentine, you were wrong. She had been studying in Paris, but sets up time to spend with Brandon when she's in L.A. on a layover, thus making Kelly jealous...why I don't know because Emily Valentine is...not as attractive as Kelly...

The students of CU could audition to be on Jeopardy because they were doing a college tournament, so Brandon and Clare have a rivalry about who is the better contestant, but of course Andrea beats their scores and ends up on the show.

Oh, and how could I forget? This was the last season for Jim and Cindy Walsh as Jim got transfered to Tokyo and sold their where will Brandon and Valerie live next season? Speaking of Brandon and Valerie, the very last scene of the last episode of season 5 is of them making out...even though Brandon always comments how he thinks of her as a sister. Then again, he once told Kelly he thought of her as a sister too....makes you wonder if he's ever had any "brotherly" thoughts towards Brenda! Eww...

Donna - Donna and Kelly get a new roommate, Clare Arnold, after David moves out. Donna's mom sets her up on a date with a rich boy named Griffin. They get along great until Griffin whisks her away to Catalina Island and tries to sleep with her. While Donna was dating Griffin, she met Ray Pruitt (played by Jamie Walters of How Do You Talk to an Angel fame) who is a blue-collar kind of guy who drives a truck and does construction. At first he doesn't like Donna because she and Clare are doing a video project where they're interviewing guys around the campus and asking them questions to make then look dumb and Ray sees through this and gets angry at her. Donna apologizes to him and they start a relationship to Donna's mom's dismay, who even offers Ray money if he'll stop seeing Donna. He takes the check, but only to prove to Donna that her mom gave him it and rips it up because he only cares about Donna and not the money. We learn that Ray has an alcoholic mother who has to be sent home one evening from the Peach Pit when she's about to watch Ray perform (he's a musician), so Clare and David escort him out and she tells him that he's sleeping with Valerie...because she knows about that. Speaking of Ray being a musician and being played by Jamie Walters, there was an episode that revolved around the gang trying to get in to see the Rolling Stones perform at the Rose Bowl and Ray and Donna volunteer as vendors and Ray starts singing Hold On which is a Jamie Walters song from 1994 and I start freaking out because I LOVE that song!
Donna nearly gets raped by some random creep-o dude, but is saved by David. She is pushed down the stairs in the season finale by Ray. 

David - David starts dating Clare when they meet because of their interests in video production. Clare, being Donna's new roommate, doesn't know that David is Donna's ex-boyfriend. At first, Donna is weirded out by it, but when she starts dating again, she is okay with is and David and Donna become friends again. Clare still has a crush on Brandon, but she isn't flinging herself at him like she used to last season so that makes her a lot more tolerable. He and Claire make a sex tape and Donna's dad ends up watching it because Donna thought it was a project for her video class and her parents wanted to see it. Luckily her uptight mom didn't see it! David is roommates with a guy named Lenny who is a bit of a shady character and is listed as a sex offender for something...I can't remember. When a girl is raped on campus, everyone starts suspecting Lenny after he is questioned by the police, but it turned out he was innocent and Brandon helps him transfer to an all-male school. It turns out the rapist is some guy who works at the cafeteria and he goes through Donna's purse and gets her address and goes to her house and almost rapes her, but David manages to save her, to there's some sparks between them again, but nothing happens. Oh yeah, David broke up with Clare for a bit, but they got back together. She was really jealous that David still had feelings for Donna (which he does). 

David goes with Donna to Portland (where Ray has been touring) because his mom lives in Portland and he finds out that she's no longer living in her apartment and hasn't paid rent in three months, so he has his dad come up and they find out that she's been living on the street because she's bi-polar or something. They take her to the hospital, but I don't remember what happened to her after that. I guess they gave her some kind of help. 

Dylan - Last season on BH 90210, Dylan was schemed out of all his money by a woman who had ties with his dad and her husband. He goes into an alcoholic spiral because he has no money left in the bank and hasn't told his friends or anybody that he was scammed. He is not very happy when he finds out about Brandon and Kelly and starts sleeping with Valerie, but they are never a serious couple. Due to his financial troubles, Dylan gets into some heavy drugs and is put into the hospital after he crashes his car and has a trippy dream (awful episode!)

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