Monday, March 6, 2017

My Oscar Thoughts

If you're a cinephile like me, I'm sure you, like others were watching and tweeting about the Oscars, especially that moment at the end! (At one point, I had tweeted, "Okay, can we wrap this up, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! #Oscars). Actually, to be honest, I didn't even know about the mix up until the next morning as I had to get up at the crack of dawn Monday morning so I was just waiting for them to announce the Best Picture so I could finally go to bed. When La La Land was announced I had my answer and turned off the TV. I figured there was a 80% chance La La Land would win, but I wouldn't be surprised if Moonlight snuck in there for the win.

So when I wake up the next morning, there's an announcement on my phone saying Moonlight had won and I was very confused so I watched the clip on YouTube. I felt really bad for Warren Beatty; you know everyone was going to blame him for reading the wrong name so I understand why he wanted to explain that his card said "Emma Stone, La La Land." I guess that explains why he was taking such a long time to announce the card. I THOUGHT he was trying to be cute and funny and was thinking, "Get on with it, Clyde!" I am a little confused why he didn't say he had the wrong card, though. Surely he knew he had the Best Actress card, right? I'm pretty sure he did know it was wrong and was trying to get Faye Dunaway's attention, but she just blurted out the name. And everyone thought La La Land was going to win, so nobody was surprised. I mean, what if Casey Affleck had won right before the Best Picture was announced and they the Best Actor card and read Manchester by the Sea as the Best Picture? Surely they would know there was something up then because that movie didn't have a chance of winning, right? It was La La Land with Moonlight as a possible upset. I'm seen so many jokes on Twitter asking what if they had the Best Makeup card and Faye Dunaway announced Suicide Squad as the winner? At least then they would definitely know they had the wrong card!

While I still wonder why Beatty didn't say anything, I don't place any of the blame on him. I do think he tried to do something, but just went bout it the wrong way. The blame lands 100% on the guy from Price Waterhouse Cooper. I guess he was taking photos of Emma Stone backstage and tweeted a pic of her (which was then deleted, but someone saved a screenshot of it) and got so distracted that he handed Beatty the wrong card. I've seen people saying, "Oh, leave the poor guy alone. Everyone makes mistakes. It's not like people died." To those people, I say, Are you effing kidding me? He made a HUGE mistake. He made the La La Land people look like fools for accepting an award that didn't belong to them (though they were gracious about the whole thing) and took the moment away from the Moonlight people. He also had people blaming poor Beatty and Dunaway. This guy is an idiot and he deserved to be fired for his mistake. I do feel bad for the woman who was fired, but I guess she didn't stop the mess in time. There were three speeches from the La La Land people before they finally realized what was going on! This guy had ONE job...and not a difficult one! Just give the right envelope! Not that hard! I will say it gave us one of the most memorable moments from the Oscars!

And this scenario is exactly what I wished had happened at the 2006 Oscars....Jack Nicholson reads Crash as the winner, but oops! He had the wrong card and it was Brokeback Mountain that really won! Why couldn't that have happened that year?

Overall, I really liked the show...all the winners (as usual) were who I expected. I think the opening with Justin Timberlake singing "Can't Stop the Feeling" was one of the best openings I've seen at the Oscars in a long time.

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  1. Well I happen to think that La La Land was an incredible movie. I really think it deserved even more than what it got. It was just a fantastaic movie.