Thursday, March 3, 2011

Post Oscar Thoughts

Natalie: Senor Bale, please get me away from that crazy chick next to me!

This is kinda late, but oh well.

Being the dork I am, I wrote these down during the telecast. Sure, I could have Tweeted my thoughts, except it takes me forever to text on my phone and I don't have a laptop/my Mac is in my bedroom and my TV is in not.

I liked the opening montage with Anne Hathaway and James Franco in scenes from the nominated movies (well, most of them, anyway...I noticed a few were missing). The cameos from Alec Baldwin (forgot he had hosted the Oscars) and Morgan Freeman were funny. 

Liked Anne introducing her mom and her mom saying, "Stand up straight, honey!" and Anne says, "Really, Mom? In front of a billion people?" Likewise, liked James introducing his grandma and her saying, "I just saw Marky Mark!" Hahaha. Mark Wahlberg is never going to live that name down. Although, did you notice James referred to him as "Academy-nominee Mark Wahlberg?" Now I know he has been nominated before for The Departed, so I wonder if he was referring to that? Or did Franco make a mistake and think he was nominated that night...?

I thought Anne was really charming and engaging, but James seemed a little, uh, stoned distant at times.

Okay, I know he's a "living legend" and blah, blah, blah, but I did not care for Kirk (Kurt?) Douglas presenting Best Supporting Actress. Please, no more old senile people presenting awards. Remember Elizabeth Taylor at the Golden Globes that one year? I did not think it was cute or funny when Douglas kept taking forever to read the winner's name and thought it was rude to the nominees. Just get on with it, you old geezer! Sorry, but it kinda annoyed me that he got to go on and on while people who actually WON awards were cut off by the stupid music.

Anyone notice that they read the Best S. Actress's name out of alphabetical order? It went Amy Adams, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Weaver, Melissa Leo, Hailee Steinfeld. Uh...I'm pretty sure "W" comes last in that lineup.

Okay, while I didn't like Grandpa Douglas taking forever, I do admit I laughed when Justin Timberlake was about to open the envelope and said, "You know..." like Douglas did.

LOL at James Franco saying "Congratulations nerds" after Marisa Tomei talked about giving out awards at the Technical Oscars. (Zzzzzz!)

Worst speech of the night goes to Colleen Atwood for winning Best Costume Design for Alice in Wonderland. I know she's won before (more than once, I believe) and she was reading in a MONOTONE voice from an index card!? WTF?! Get off the stage, you moron! 

Best speech of the night goes to the kid with the afro who won for Best Short Feature (or whatever it was). Man, that guy was hilarious! From his "I shoulda gotten a haircut!" to "I'll thank everyone later on those other cameras!" to "Thanks to my mom who was a caterer on the set!" LMAO! Loved that kid! Now that was a damn entertaining speech and he was cracking everyone up. Notice how the music didn't even play? Well, maybe he said everything in the time allotted. 

LOL at Kevin Spacey: "Good evening, I'm George Clooney."

Batman has an Oscar! LOL at Christian Bale saying, "Don't worry, I won't say the f-word. (Ala Melissa Leo) I've done that enough in my life!" Who knew Bale had a sense of humor.

The autotuned musicals was really funny, though I think they should have just stuck to it being all Harry Potter because that was the funniest. I hope Rupet and Emma saw that!

What was the point of Anne Hathaway introducing Hilary Swank to only introduce Katheryn Bigelow? Uh...., why not just have Anne introduce Katheryn? Duh.

I was shocked when Tom Hooper won because I really thought it was going to be David Fincher! In fact, I thought (and assumed) that FIncher had won the DGA, so that's why I thought he was going to win the Oscar. I guess I should have double checked who won the DGA because then I wouldn't be as shocked! Also, I wonder if Hooper is the youngest director to ever win an Oscar? I think he's 37...has anyone younger ever won?

I thought it was neat how when they presented Best Picture they showed clips from the ten nominated movies while the Colin Firth's speech from The King's Speech was playing (although it did seem a little biased).

After Hooper won Best Director, I knew The King's Speech would win Best Picture, though when Best Editing went toThe Social Network, I thought it might win BP, because usually the movie that wins Best Editing wins Best Picture.

Best Dressed:

Reese Witherspoon: real-live Barbie!

Mark Ruffalo's wife has no fashion sense.

Worst dressed:
To the people who have been putting this
on best-dressed lists, are you blind!?

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