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Class of '93

I wrote about the first two seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 and now it's time to share my thoughts on the third season! I know you are as excited as I am!

Gotta love that theme song!

I'm slowly but surely getting through each season of BH, 90210 and I just finished the third season aka the gang's senior year of high school. Again, I will go through each of the eight main characters but first I should tell you one of the biggest storylines of the season involved three characters: Brenda, Kelly, and Dylan. As you know, Dylan and Brenda were a couple last season, but Brenda's dad wanted her to stop seeing Dylan because he thought he was a bad influence on Brenda, but they still see each other behind her parents' backs. The Walshes think Brenda is getting too serious with Dylan and decide to send her on a six-week school trip to Paris so they can spend some time apart. While they are apart, Dylan and Kelly start spending some time together and they kiss and there are sparks between them. When Brenda comes home, Dylan and Kelly don't tell her what happened and Kelly avoids them when they are together, but Brenda eventually learns that Dylan had a summer fling, but she doesn't know who it was with. When she finds out it was with Kelly, she gets pissed and she and Kelly stop talking to each other for awhile and Dylan leaves town for awhile because he has to think things over. Eventually Kelly and Brenda become friends again and they decide to tell Dylan he has to choose between one or the other and Dylan eventually chooses Kelly and this pisses Brenda off again and she stops talking to Kelly...again, but by the end of the series they're cool again. :::exhaustive eye roll:::

Brenda - So like I mentioned earlier, Brenda goes to Paris with Donna for six weeks. While she's there she meets a pre-Superman Dean Cain, a college student from Wisconsin. Brenda decides to have some fun and pretends to be Parisian and offers to show him around the city. They kiss (and Brenda feels guilty because she's with Dylan even though she has no idea he's cheating on her back home, poor thing) and Dean wants Brenda to join him in touring the rest of France together but she says no, that she has a boyfriend. Well imagine what a coincidence it is when she's been back in BH for awhile and when she and her friends are at a video store (yes, you read that right!), Dean happens to come in the store and instead of just hiding and waiting until he leaves, Brenda goes up to him, still pretending to be French and says she's in the States visiting family after Dean tells her he's transferred to UCLA (another coincidence!) They go out a couple times and I can't remember if Brenda has already broken up with Dylan or not. She confesses who she really is and decides she doesn't want to be with him even though he likes her and is not mad at her for deceiving him. At the end of the series when the gang is getting ready to start their college journeys, Brenda was planning on going to California University (is that even a real school?) with her brother, but starts deciding she might attend the University of Minnesota. When her mom asks if this decision has anything to do with Dylan, she says, "Mom, this is the '90s. I'm not going to base my decision on where to go to college based on some guy." BWAH!

Dylan - Besides having to decide between Brenda and Kelly, Dylan's main story line revolves around his dad who has recently gotten out of prison for embellzement or something...I really don't know. Anyway, there are some bad guys after him and they rig his car so when he gets in it, it explodes and he's killed. Dylan almost got into the car because he had to move his dad's car, but Kelly called him and his dad said he would move the car...and that was the end of Jack McKay. He was engaged to be married to a woman and Dylan finds out she was working undercover to find out information from him, but that she had fallen in love with him and had intended to marry him even though he had no idea she was working undercover. We never hear from her again after that. There's one episode where Dylan is trying to "discover" himself after Kelly and Brenda tell him he needs to choose between them and he goes to a horse ranch where he meets an older (and might I say fugly) woman who's suppose to be all sexy and is trying to seduce him and tells him, "You can't just ride the same horse." Uh...yeah. At the end of the season, Dylan decides to travel through Europe and take Kelly with him. 

Kelly - Kelly was suppose to go to Paris with Brenda and Donna, but decides to stay home with her new baby sister, Erin. It's weird to think that baby Erin is now Silver on 90210 the new class and all the shit she'll be going through in about 17 years. Poor baby Erin Silver! Kelly thinks she's fat and starts working out all the time and taking diet pills, so she becomes a huge bitch because she's always exercising and never eats. The thing that drives me the most crazy is that when she's on the treadmill, she's not even wearing her hair up in a ponytail! She's wearing it down! WTF? I don't know anyone with long hair who exercises with their hair down! For one thing, it make you get hot and uncomfortable quicker, for another, your hair would get in the way! Kelly faints at a party and has to be rushed to the hospital where she then joins a support group for teens who are starving themselves. She doesn't stay in there very long... Last season, Kelly's mom and David's dad got married (and produced Erin), but while Kelly, Brenda, Donna, and Andrea were staying at spa with Jackie and Cindy, Brenda overheard one of the massage therapists tell one of the other women she was having an affair with a dentist named Mel Silver, so Brenda tells Kelly who tells her mom who divorces Mel. Kelly is afraid her mom is going to resort back to drugs, but she stays clean. Jackie hasn't used since season 1. I'm so proud of her! Kelly and Dylan win "Best Looking" for the yearbook. Gag me with a spoon!

Brandon - At the senior lunch, a group of girls (including Brenda - how weird) sing a song for Brandon with lyrics like, "Brandon - likes a girl who's dreamy; Brandon - likes a girl who's creamy." No, seriously, that's how they went. WTF? A note about that senior lunch: it was all about the eight main characters and nobody else. Anyway, the song was an ode to all of Brandon's girlfriends this season. He met a girl over the summer while playing volleyball and dated her until he realized she was a racist; then he started going with a sophomore named Nikki who used to be in an abusive relationship with David Arquette, but they break up when she moves back to San Francisco to reconcile with her family. Brandon is definitely the do-gooder as he invites a homeless vet from Desert Storm to spend Thanksgiving with his family (they had this very same storyline last season when Brenda invited a homeles man dressed as Santa Claus to spend Christmas with them). Another social economic storyline Brandon is involved with is when there's violence at another school their football team was supposed to play against and the game and dance that was supposed to follow is cancelled. Brandon also gets in some serious trouble when he starts gambling and when he can't pay his bookie a couple times, Nat has to come and bail him out.

Andrea - So in the middle of the season, Andrea is hit by a car pretty badly and is in a body cast. She has to wear casts on her legs and be in a wheelchair/crutches and then two episodes later, she's totally fine. Yeah.... Anyway, she was hit by some guy who races car and Brandon found out who it was because Andrea told him she remembered there was a star hanging from the rearview mirror and when Brandon was betting on drag racing, he saw a car that fit her description. Andrea butts heads a lot this year with the new English teacher, Gil Meyers, because he made Brandon the new editor in chief of The Blaze and Andrea is livid! 

David - David becomes the Vanilla Ice of the season when he decides he wants to be a rap star. At first he hires Steve to be his manager after Steve persuades him, but Steve screws up and David goes to a record company who tell him they'll only sign him if he drops Steve. 

Donna - Like I mentioned earlier, Donna goes to Paris with Brenda and while she's there she meets an older man who wants to make her a model (somewhere my brother is laughing because he thinks, and I quote, "that Tori Spelling is the ugliest person on TV".), but of course he's just taking advantage of her and she doesn't get to live her dream of being a world famous model. Boo - poor little rich girl. There's a funny/awkward scene where Donna and David are in the video store looking in the porn section and Donna's priest just so happens to be there and walk up to them. Uh huh. And she feels all guilty because she's in the adult section and her priest is just making conversation with her. AWKWARD! For the Christmas episode, Donna was in charge of having the gang go to an elementary school and hand out presents and everyone is mad at each other and she's having a hard time getting anybody to go. The episode was really awful; it was a rip off of It's a Wonderful Life where two (celestial) "stars" were narrating the story and at one point the female star calls Donna "an angel sent down from Earth" or some stupid shit like that. In fact the title of the show was called It's a Totally Happening Life". Yeah... Donna gets smashed at the senior prom and all the students were warned beforehand that if they were intoxicated at the prom, they would be expelled from school. David's dad let everyone have a glass of champagne before the dance and Donna had more to drink on the limo ride over. The gang start a crusade to let her graduate and decide to have the entire senior and junior class walk out during finals. While Brandon Brenda, and the others were calling their peers to tell them the plan, I couldn't help thinking how it would have been so much easier if they had Facebook back in '93 so they could just type one message and send it to everyone! Oh, and in case you were wondering, Donna was able to graduate. Thank God! 

Steve - Steve's "freshman buddy" is a kid who's really good with computers so Steve convinces him to break into the school with him and hack into the computer so he can change his grades. Of course it doesn't work and while Steve tries to deny he ever did anything, he is found out and has to serve detention before and after school until graduation and keep up his grades. He was going to get expelled, but he told his mother who was angry with him, but made that deal with the school.

The last episode is a stupid clip episode of the past three seasons and the gang rearranges the Hollywood sign so it says "West Bev HS Class of 93" or something like that. I honestly don't know how they did that. Onward to season four.... eventually!

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